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For patients on Caterpillar Ward – the general medicine ward, and the biggest one in Bristol Children’s Hospital – stays can last anywhere from a few days to over a year. Having an accessible play room is so important – that’s why, with the help of some incredibly generous donors, we’ve refurbished the Caterpillar Ward play room. Read on to learn more about the project and the difference it will make to patients.

As the official Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity, we know just how important play therapy is for children of all ages. 

Whether that’s socialising with video games or board games for older children, sensory play for children with additional needs or messy crafting play, the Caterpillar Ward play room caters to every patient and every need. 

We want to say a special thank you to our wonderful donors for making this all possible.

These amazing donors helped create your Caterpillar Ward play room

Explore Caterpillar Ward play room

Take a virtual tour through the Caterpillar Ward play room with us. 

Everything has been refurbished – including the doors, which can now fit wheelchair users and patients in beds through them.

We have utilised the space in the room to make the most of it. The gaming station, where older children can play games, listen to music and watch TV, allows patients a sense of normality. It’s something they’d do at home, with their friends – and providing that is so important to us. There’s even a pull-down projector screen! 

The wall decor, lights and blinds have all been designed to create a calming space. The light projector shines stars and galaxies across the walls and ceiling. It’s fantastic for children who have greater sensory needs and makes the room feel cosy.

“Play is essential in helping children and young people cope with being in hospital. It improves their recovery and normalises their experience, so this is an AMAZING improvement to Caterpillar Ward and will be well used by patients and their families.”

Jen, Caterpillar Ward Play Specialist

The integrated kitchen helps with infection control and cleaning the furniture and equipment within the playroom. In the locked cupboards are all sorts of crafting resources to use.

The adjustable tables mean children of all ages, as well as patients in wheelchairs, can sit at them and join in.

“The new playroom is welcoming to all ages. We can adapt the room appropriately to the needs of the patient; for sensory sessions, we can close the blinds and use our sensory lights to create a relaxing environment. New technology means teenagers can play on the Xbox. Having height adjustable tables and different sized chairs makes the space inclusive to all ages and abilities.”

– Jen, Caterpillar Ward Play Specialist

We’re so excited to see the patients in Caterpillar Ward make the most of their new play room. Thank you again to our generous donors for helping make this a reality.  

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