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Are you a journalist looking for our media centre?
16 Apr 2021
Helping patients with blood disorders

Did you know that Ocean Unit at Bristol Children’s Hospital cares for children who have...

12 Apr 2021
The Grand Adventure: The Update

If you didn’t visit Gromit Unleashed: The Grand Adventure last year, we have some good ...

26 Mar 2021
Visually Impaired Runners Bristol

In need of a positive story about the strength of the human spirit in overcoming obstac...

22 Mar 2021
Charlotte celebrates ten years of fundraising

It takes someone pretty special to dedicate ten years of their life to helping some of ...

19 Mar 2021
New parent beds funded for Bristol Children’s Hospital

Having to undergo treatment can be scary enough as a child, but can you imagine staying...

19 Mar 2021
The Power of Running

It’s that time of the week again! We’re ready to read something that will make us smile...

17 Mar 2021
Running with your kids – what’s the secret?

If your news feed is anything like ours, it is full of idyllic looking scenes of famili...

16 Mar 2021
Giving this Easter

Here at The Grand Appeal, we strive to help Bristol Children’s Hospital provide the ver...

10 Mar 2021
Top tips for staying motivated

Are you embarking on a new fitness journey or feeling a bit stagnant in your current ex...

4 Mar 2021
In The Book celebrate World Book Day with special donation

Bonding with your new born baby when they are inside an incubator or need extra care in...

18 Feb 2021
Lloyd Wells Mortgages raise £1,765 for sensory play

Back in 2019, we created Play 4 All, a bespoke business challenge made especially for b...

3 Feb 2021
Couple set up epic cycling challenge in memory of their child

Jude sadly passed away in 2020

1 Feb 2021
V Cars raise over £3,000 for Bristol Children’s Hospital

Unprecedented challenges haven’t stopped some of our corporate supporters from helping ...

29 Jan 2021
Special diaries given to parents at Bristol Children's Hospital

As the children cared for at Bristol Children’s Hospital are all different, so are thei...

11 Jan 2021
Aardman create new augmented reality mobile app

The new app is raising money for Bristol Children's Hospital

26 Dec 2020
Our top 2020 moments!

Take a seat as we run through an A-Z of our top moments!

18 Dec 2020
Baby baubles for St Michael’s Hospital

Every year, over the Christmas season, approximately 350 babies are born in Bristol at ...

17 Dec 2020
Christmas at Bristol Children’s Hospital

Our Arts Unleashed artists have help with this year's celebrations

15 Dec 2020
The Yogscast’s Jingle Jam raises £280,000 for sick children

This year's fundraiser has hit new heights

10 Dec 2020
Cheese company fundraise for Bristol Children’s Hospital

Our favourite pals, Wallace & Gromit, famously travelled all the way to the moon to gra...

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