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Are you a journalist looking for our media centre?
26 Mar 2021
Visually Impaired Runners Bristol

In need of a positive story about the strength of the human spirit in overcoming obstac...

19 Mar 2021
The Power of Running

It’s that time of the week again! We’re ready to read something that will make us smile...

17 Mar 2021
Running with your kids – what’s the secret?

If your news feed is anything like ours, it is full of idyllic looking scenes of famili...

11 Sep 2020
Seven amazing places to run in Bristol and beyond

Take a look at these picturesque running routes that our supporters love.

11 Sep 2020
Five fantastic running routes in Bath

Five running routes for whether you live in Bath or just fancy a change of scene.

28 Jul 2020
Prudential MyRide London Cycle Challenge Ideas

It's time to set those wheels in motion.

20 Apr 2020
The 2.6 Challenge | 26 ways you can be a home hero

Calling all home heroes!

11 Mar 2020
Why Cyclone24 should be your next corporate charity challenge

Team up with your colleagues, clients and friends and push the boundaries to see what c...

23 Dec 2019
Your 2020 Events Guide has landed

Make it a year to remember and join Team Grand Appeal

22 Dec 2019
2020 Events Finder

Unsure which event you want to sign up to in 2020? We have launched our events finder, ...

22 Dec 2019
10 Weeks to Train for a 10k

Chloe's training plan and tips for running a 10k with 10 weeks preparation.

21 Dec 2019
10 Easy Steps to Improve Your Fitness

Meg shares her 10 easy steps to improve fitness in 2020.

21 Dec 2019
14 Fundraising Ideas for 2021

Our fundraising ideas give you the chance to do something different whilst you raise mo...

11 Dec 2019
6 Top Tips for Newbie Runners

Meg signed up to the Bath Half Marathon and she recalls her top tips for newbie runners.

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