Family Accommodation

We believe it is vital to keep families together whilst their child is cared for at Bristol Children’s Hospital. As well as pull down beds alongside patient beds in Bristol Children’s Hospital so parents can stay next to their sick child, The Grand Appeal also provides off-site accommodation for families in central Bristol, a dedicated suite of rooms in the Hospital, and Cots for Tots House, for families of sick and premature babies.

Grand Appeal Family Accommodation

Bristol Children’s Hospital provides lifesaving care for up to 100,000 sick children a year. It covers a larger area than any other children’s hospital in England, meaning many patients must travel huge distances for treatment.

The family accommodation available is just not enough. Families with nowhere to stay face hours of travelling, expensive hotels, or even sleep in their cars, to be with their sick child.

The Grand Appeal has almost raised the £1.5 million needed to provide a new home from home family accommodation facility just across the road from the hospital on Upper Maudlin Street which will be operated by the Appeal and which open in 2017 following an extensive period of refurbishment.


Cots for Tots House

The Appeal operates Cots for Tots House, a 12-bedroom family accommodation unit for parents of sick and premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St Michael’s Hospital.

The House is directly opposite the hospital, meaning parents are just minutes from their baby’s side. Parents stay free of charge for as long as they need to: whether a single night or several months.

Cots for Tots House is open 365 days per year and is funded entirely by the Appeal. It costs Cots for Tots £300 a week to keep the house open. 

Over 1200 families have stayed since it opened, from as far afield as Cornwall and Scotland. To find out more, click here 



Hospital Accommodation

Bristol Children’s Hospital treats children from across an extensive area, and many travel huge distances for their care. We provide pull-down beds next to every in-patient bed in the hospital, ensuring parents and carers can remain close to their child during treatment, from what could be a single night, to a period of months at a time. 

Having a parent close by provides patients with the much-needed support and comfort at a frightening time, and has been shown to aid a patients’ recovery. Without these pull-down beds, parents face travelling long distances, sleeping in cars or on chairs next to their child’s bed, or paying for expensive hotels.


Ronald McDonald House

The Grand Appeal's donation of over £500,000 to Ronald McDonald House Bristol providing the catalyst funding required for this family accommodation facility to open.

The Appeal has since funded further support for Ronald McDonald House Bristol to ensure the House is able to meet the need for parent and family accommodation.