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Maisie and Her Family Take On the Taunton Trail! 

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Five-year-old Maisie has been a little fighter since birth.

She was born at just 3lbs and at 48 hours old had the first of many surgeries.  

Over the last five years, she has been moved from hospital to hospital for specialist treatments for rare conditions affecting her food pipe, airway, body and heart as well as excess fluid on the brain and scoliosis. 

Despite it all, Maisie is a happy little girl and enjoys exploring the world in the way most five years olds do. She has a fantastic imagination, referring to Bristol Children’s Hospital as “her hula hoop hospital” thanks to the large coloured lollipop rings found outside the hospital’s entrance. She also enjoys the bright pictures and colours on every floor funded by us, designed to create a calm environment during what is usually a scary time for young patients.

“Regardless of Maisie’s diagnosis and the impact on her daily life, she’s a very happy, smiley girl and takes everything thrown at her in her stride.”

Beth, Maisie’s mum

Tackling the taunton trail

Maisie’s family have always rallied around her – and this year, they went the extra mile (or 13!) 

14 friends and family members came together on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year so far. They split themselves between the Taunton Trail Half Marathon and the Taunton Trail 10k, raising £2,584. 

Even little Maisie joined in and cheered on her family – how inspirational! 

These incredible running feats weren’t all they did to fundraise, though. This fab fundraising family raised a smashing £300 through cricket teas and raffles held at their local cricket and hockey clubs. 

They wanted a way to give back to the hospital, not only for the specialist treatments and regular follow-up sessions from their spinal and respiratory team, but also for the emotional care they both receive.

“On the many inpatient stays the play therapists that help and interact with Maisie help not only her, but myself as her parent, as it can be a very upsetting and stressful time.”

Beth, Maisie’s mum

Bristol Children’s Hospital’s Sensory Play Practitioner and music therapists – funded by supporters like Maisie’s family – form a fantastic team that helps sick children staying in the hospital. Play is important for any child, let alone a child in hospital. It creates a sense of normalcy and brings calm, helping patients deal with their surroundings, which provides family members some much-needed respite.

“I’m immensely proud of my family and close friends as each and every one of us managed to cross the finish line! I am incredibly grateful for the care that Maisie has received and continues to receive.”

Beth, Maisie’s mum

Well done to the awesome Gardiner family for battling through the heat and raising such a life-changing amount for Bristol Children’s Hospital. 

Do you have a fabulous fundraising story you’d like to share with us? Get in contact with us.

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