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patient harry


2 May 2019, 8:50 a.m.

Seven-year-old Harry was rushed into intensive care for pneumonia at Bristol Children’s Hospital. Read on as Mum, Jo shares their story and describes what Paul's House meant for her and her husband during one of the most terrifying of times.

Harry was six when his journey in hospital began. He had been waking in the night unable to breath and having persistent coughing fits for the previous few months, and was finally admitted to our local hospital in Swindon with asthma related symptoms. Over the next few days in hospital his condition quickly deteriorated and he started to show signs of pneumonia.

"In the middle of the night the decision was made to transfer Harry to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Bristol Children’s Hospital where he was incubated and sedated. He needed urgent treatment. Me and my husband were obviously extremely worried and frightened at this stage. We were miles away from home and have other children to care for too.

patient harry in PICU

"After spending just one night in hospital with Harry, we were given a room at Paul’s House just across the road. This was an amazing place to stay, with its fully equipped kitchen, interior and calm bedrooms. We had so much to think about emotionally and having a clean place to stay lifted a huge weight off our minds. Our stay in Paul's House was a short one but it was a small escape from a horrible situation. It’s pure luxury to have a clean shower after being in hospital with your child for nearly a week and it’s honestly a gift. A small thing we take for granted but an absolutely great way to clear your mind and make you feel almost human again.

"Thankfully, after just one night in the house Harry was discharged and transferred back to our local hospital in Swindon, before returning home a few days later."

Patient Harry picu

Luckily Harry has now made a full recovery and, under the watchful eye of the hospital consultants, is back to the fun and busy life a seven year old should have!

Patient Harry picu

“Honestly thank you Paul's House, you gave an exhausted worried mum a place to relax and rebuild herself”


Harry's Mum