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Cots for Tots

We support the South West region's critically ill babies


Special care baby Noah, during his stay at St Michael's Hospital.

Where we began

In 2010, The Grand Appeal launched the Cots for Tots Appeal to support the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St Michael's Hospital, funding fund four life-saving cots. This appeal received an overwhelming response, bringing together a huge family of fundraisers from far and wide. What began as a single fundraising drive, quickly became a cause touching so many lives from across the South West, South Wales and beyond.

Nearly a decade later, and thanks to our fantastic community of supporters, Cots for Tots has gone on to raise millions for St Michael's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, providing pioneering equipment and facilities, family comforts, accommodation and more.

NICU Fletcher

What we do

Imagine seeing your baby fighting for their life; being rushed into critical care within its first minutes, hours, days. Now imagine being so far from home, and not knowing when you'll be able to return. This is the reality for hundreds of families from across the South West, South Wales and even further afield, who come to St Michael's NICU for life-saving care.

During this frightening situation, Cots for Tots is there. We are there for families, providing free accommodation and support while their baby is in the unit, and we are there for their babies, funding the ground-breaking equipment, medical facilities and that saves little lives.

Bristol 10k baby
baby in NICU
NICU George/Henry
NICU River
Isabella Renal patient

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