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Five-year-old Finlay Scales Mount Snowdon and Raises £1,172!

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When Finlay realised that there are lots of sick children in Bristol that need help, he made it his mission to take on a fundraising challenge that would both raise money and let him ‘walk through a cloud’! 

Finlay has always loved walking. He’s a caring, confident boy, so when he decided he wanted to raise money to help sick children, it was only natural to pick a walking challenge. 

At just five years old, Finlay decided he was going to hike up Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales.

“Finlay wanted to raise money for a charity that works with children, so we looked into different charities with him. He chose the Bristol Children Hospital’s Charity so he could help very unwell children – and because he loves Gromit!”

Carly, Finlay’s mum

When Finlay and his family reached the base of the mountain, the size of it didn’t scare him. His motivated mindset only saw a challenge to overcome, so he set off on his way.

“Finlay was very excited and very driven. He was singing and chatting away during the walk up to the summit. He enjoyed seeing dogs and their walkers and hearing positive encouragement. Finlay was so proud of himself when he reached the top and walked through a cloud – he was absolutely beaming that he achieved his goal.”

Carly, Finlay’s mum

Friends and family rallied around Finlay’s fundraising efforts – and by the time he’d finished his climb, he’d raised an incredible £1,172! This amazing amount will help to fund the vital services and equipment that not only saves little lives at Bristol Children’s Hospital, but makes stays in hospital easier and less stressful. 

“Finlay was overjoyed that he achieved what he had set out to do. He had been so driven to get sponsorship to raise money for Bristol Children Hospital and was extremely happy with the overall amount that he had managed to raise to help unwell children.”

Carly, Finlay’s mum

All our fundraisers inspire and motivate us every day – but there’s something really special about our young fundraisers like Finlay who want to do good in the world at their age. 

If Finlay’s fundraising has inspired you to take on your own challenge, make sure to tell us all about it when you register your fundraising interest so that our team can be on hand to make it as successful as possible.

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