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Having a child in hospital is never easy.

Financial pressures, childcare worries and time off work, coupled with the emotional burden of supporting your sick child, can leave families feeling isolated and lost. We work to ensure that no parent or carer is left feeling alone whilst their child is undergoing life-saving treatment at Bristol Children's Hospital.

Here are just some of the ways we provide support:


Having a baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit sometimes means mums and dads are often away from home for days at a time. When they do go home, they experience a considerable amount of separation anxiety and stress. To help with this, we work with video messaging platform vCreate, to provide special devices for nurses to send video updates to parents to maintain the connection between parent and baby, even when they’re away from the unit.


vCreate in action

Family Support Programme

Our Family Support Practitioners have worked with over 1,000 families, helping them to cope with the pressures and complexities that come with having a child in hospital, and providing practical and dedicated advice to help them move forward. They provide a life-line to parents, carers, grandparents, brothers and sisters, giving emotional, financial and practical support when they need it the most.

Grand Appeal Family Support Worker

Meet Bobby, one of our Family Support Practitioners, who helps a family through their child’s treatment

Patient and Family-Focused Events

Growing up is never easy but imagine how difficult it can be when you have to spend your childhood in and out of hospital. We support former and current patients and their families through a whole range of events and support groups, both in the hospital and the community. Disability Fun Day, brittle bone meet ups and the National Transplant Games are just a handful of events where we give patients the opportunity to get to know other children with similar experiences, take part in events in the community and, most importantly, don’t miss out on being a kid!

Transplant Games

Our incredible team at the National Transplant Games!

Cots for Tots house Cots for Tots house

Home-from-Home Accommodation

Find out more about the houses families call home during their child's hospital stay.

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Sibling Support

We're not only there for patients but for their brothers and sisters too. Whether it be Bristol Zoo or We The Curious, we fund day trips to local attractions making sure siblings get a welcome break from hospital life. They can also enjoy creative activities at the hospital's Activities Centre as well as having lessons in the hospital school.

LEGO workshop

“I really enjoyed doing the Lego workshop in the play centre, it was nice to get off the ward. I like how you can use your imagination and have freedom to make things with Lego.”


Brother of a Bristol Children's Hospital patient

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