Cots for Tots

Cots for Tots supports the Special Care Baby Unit at St Michael’s Hospital, which cares for babies born as early as 23 weeks and those requiring life-saving surgery, treatment and care from Bristol, the South West and South Wales.

We also created, fund and operate Cots for Tots House, a dedicated 12 bedroom house providing free accommodation for families of sick and premature babies cared for on the Special Care Baby Unit.

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Neonatal Intensive Care

Cots for Tots is the largest charity contributor to the Special Care Baby Unit and the only dedicated charity supporting the Unit.

In recent years, the Cots for Tots Neonatal Suite of life-saving equipment has treated many thoyusands of tiny, vunerable, sick and premature babies.

Cots for Tots has also funded ventillators, ultrasound machines and endoscopy equipment to help the sickest, most premature babies to breathe as part of their care on the Unit. 

Cots for Tots House

When a baby is sick, no parent can imagine being anywhere else but by their side – but with babies coming from all over the South West and South Wales for treatment at St Michael’s, the reality is often much more difficult.

Cots for Tots House, our 12-bed family accommodation unit, provides a free home from home for these families, just metres from the Hospital. The House takes away the stress of expensive fuel bills or hotel rooms and hours lost travelling, meaning families can simply be there for their loved ones, day and night.

It costs us £360 a day to run – £30 per family per night – and so we need your help to support more families in the future.

Neonatal Emergency Stabilisation Team

NEST is the Neonatal Emergency Stabilisation and Transport team, responsible for transporting the most vulnerable babies to and from St Michael’s Hospital.

Cots for Tots has been supporting the NEST team for over 5 years, providing life-saving medical equipment. The NEST provide critical care and expertise to babies, to stabilise and transfer babies promptly and safely from hospitals throughout the South West of England to St Michael's Hospital. The NEST team undertakes 750 transfers every year - carefully moving babies for specialist services but also collecting Bristol babies who arrive prematurely whilst their parents are away from home. Cots for Tots is the official charity partner of the NEST service. 

Nursing Chairs

It’s so important for parents to have access to nursing chairs to sit with their babies.

They provide a warm welcome in what can be a frightening environment and allow mums to express and breast feed. But most importantly, they enable hours of kangaroo care for parents – wonderful "skin to skin" contact that babies need to speed their recovery and bond with their family.

With our supporters’ help we have funded 21 specialist nursing chairs for the Special Care Baby Unit – one for every baby.

Breast Pumps

Breast milk is essential to a baby’s development, offering vital protection and also a chance for mums to bond with their little ones.

Until recently there were only 6 breast pumps to be shared between 31 cots in the Special Care Baby Unit, meaning mums would have to get up in the middle of the night to return to the hospital to express.

In 2016 we funded an additional 20 breast pumps, reducing stress for mums who are expressing up to 12 times a day, and making sure no baby goes without the milk they need.