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Naomi says ‘thank you’ to the NICU team

Naomi is set to embark in a special challenge to honour her incredible son.

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Tommy’s start in life was a rocky one.

Naomi, his mum, had suffered severely with preeclampsia throughout her pregnancy. With Naomi so ill, it was vital Tommy be delivered early and she was rushed for an emergency caesarean eight weeks before her due date at St Michael’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Already frightened by the unexpected turn of events, Naomi was heartbroken to see tiny, fragile Tommy wired up to a ventilator. He was unable to breathe for himself. He would spend a week on life support whilst the NICU team rallied around both him and Naomi. Just when things were looking up, Tommy was dealt another blow and contracted meningitis. Yet thanks to his tremendous fighting spirit, Tommy gradually began to improve and a month later moved on from intensive care.

Tommy - NICU baby

Throughout this traumatic journey, Cots for Tots House and its manager Anne became like family; Anne a shoulder to cry on and the house a safe, comforting space Naomi could call home.

“Cots for Tots house becomes a safe haven and support network during your time of need. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without their help.”


Knowing the importance of Cots for Tots House and the incredible work of NICU, five years later Naomi thought it was time to give something back. Tommy, a now healthy, happy little boy owes everything to the amazing team of doctors and nurses who do their very best every single day for the South West’s sickest babies. To say thank you and to mark Tommy’s fifth year and his five weeks in NICU, Naomi is set to embark on one of a heck of a challenge: starting on 7 July she will run 5k every day for five weeks.

Photo courtesy of The Weston Mercury

Join us in wishing this fantastic fundraising hero good luck and if you have you’d like to take part in your own challenge, let us know!

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