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Stream for Sick Kids

Streamer streaming for sick kids

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Attention all streamers, gamers, and content creators! Are you ready to turn your passion into compassion? Set your own streaming challenge and help sick children in Bristol and beyond.  

From Q&As to showing off your setup, there are plenty of ways to engage your audience while streaming for sick kids. 

Once you choose your challenge and register your stream, we’ll send you everything you need to get cracking. 

Let the streaming begin

Follow these five easy steps to take part: 

  1. Register your stream and let us know you want to get involved. 
  1. Create your Tiltify fundraising page and link your Twitch account. 
  1. Read through your fundraising streamer toolkit. 
  1. Download everything you need to get your stream running. 
  1. Plan your streaming challenge and get ready to go live. 

Download your streaming toolkit

Get your social media graphics, streaming banners and other exciting resources. 


Register your streaming interest and our fabulous community team will be in touch. 

The team is on hand to answer any questions you have about fundraising. Plus, you will receive a handy toolkit and all the materials you need to get started. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us. 

Once you have registered our community fundraising team will be in touch and will send you everything you need for your fundraising.  

The most popular platform for our fundraisers to stream on is Twitch. Other popular platforms include Facebook Live and YouTube. Twitch is easy to set up to use for your stream and to fundraise with.   

If you already have a following, choose the platform where your audience is most active. 

We recommend you use the platform Tiltitfy. 

It’s quick and straightforward to connect your Twitch and Tiltify account. 

Tiltify is a dedicated fundraising and charity streaming platform and Twitch is a popular streaming platform. By linking your Twitch account with Tiltify, you can run charity campaigns, collect donations, and track progress seamlessly during your Twitch streams.   

Enhance your Tiltify page by adding a schedule, incentives, milestones and media. 

To connect your Twitch account with Tiltify, visit the Tiltify website, create an account, and authorise Tiltify to access your Twitch account. This connection enables Tiltify to monitor your charity campaign progress during your Twitch streams.   

Once you’ve created your campaign page, head to live settings and choose to add media. Here you can select livestream and enter your Twitch username, YouTube Live channel ID or your Facebook Live URL. 

Our fundraising team is on hand to offer you support. Contact Steph, who will give you a helping hand. 

Streaming is for everyone. If you’ve never streamed before, we have a cracking team and plenty of resources and guides to get you started. 

No. Tiltify deducts a small platform fee from each donation to cover operational costs.   

Promote your stream through social media, Discord, and share it with other streamers.  

Tag us at @TheGrandAppeal or #TheGrandAppeal on social media, and we can help to promote your stream.   

Use eye-catching graphics and overlays to help attract more viewers and donations.   

Wallace & Gromit's Wrong Trousers Day is back on Friday 21 June.