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Local distillery donate to Bristol Children’s Hospital

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We know only too well how amazing the Bristol community is and local gin distillery, Psychopomp Micro-distillery is a perfect example.

We caught up with the team to hear what it means to them to be supporting critically ill children and their families, in a time when they need our help more than ever.

Meet the team at Psychopomp Micro-distillery!

“We are a pretty small distillery – there are just five of us. We see it as more of a family rather than a bunch of colleagues and that relationship is really helping us through this difficult time.

“Seeing hand sanitiser fly off the shelves made us think ‘how can we help?’ We started making some for ourselves as well as friends and family who were in need. Next thing we knew, we were making some for neighbours and the local community and it snowballed from there! It’s a hard time for everyone and we should all do what we can – at least that’s the way we look at it.

During the coronavirus crisis hand sanitiser has been in short supply

“Realising how in demand the hand-sanitiser could be, we thought we could go an extra step by encouraging people to donate to Bristol Children’s Hospital. Despite not having a personal connection with the hospital it seemed like a worthy cause. We had actually planned to fundraise later in the year but it felt right to do it now; amongst all the chaos, there are still vulnerable that need care. We knew by working with The Grand Appeal we could help them directly.

“At a time where there is so much worrying news, it has been really rewarding to be able to do something positive. The feedback from the public has been really encouraging and it has kept the team’s spirits high! The icing on the cake is getting to raise some much-needed funds for the children’s hospital at the same time. It has been a win-win really – helping people as well as a good cause and as a result, some unexpected benefits to our business!

“In total, we raised £2488.52 which is fantastic. Following the government’s latest advice, we will be staying at home and unable to carry on with the initiative. We’ll still be making hand- sanitiser, but as we can’t serve the public directly we’ll be supplying local emergency service crews.”

During these uncertain times, Bristol Children’s Hospital still needs your help. Could you and your colleagues follow in the footsteps of Psychopomp Micro-distillery and make a lasting impact on patients and families from Bristol and beyond?

Get in touch with Helen to start your fundraising journey today.

Head of Fundraising (Corporate)

Helen Haskell

Helen works with our amazing corporate supporters. Contact Helen if your business or company would like to support Bristol Children’s Hospital or if you are keen to find out more about ways we could work together.

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