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In The Book celebrate World Book Day with special donation

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Bonding with your new born baby when they are inside an incubator or need extra care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit can be challenging.

Sometimes new mums and dads are unable to hold their baby until they have grown strong enough. But there is one easy way to connect with your mini miracle: reading aloud.

Studies have shown that even babies inside the womb can begin to identify their mother’s voice. With this in mind, the NICU team at St Michael’s Hospital encourages their families to read aloud to their little one to develop the bond between parent and child through the ‘Tell Me a Story’ programme.

These special moments are particularly important for NICU families who are dealing with the stresses and fears that come with having a premature or critically ill baby.

We’re proud to have funded the Tell Me a Story programme since 2015, when it was launched on World Prematurity Day.

Through Tell Me a Story every family receives a book so that they can talk, read, or even sing to their child. Since its creation, around 2,000 families have been given a book that is theirs to keep.

We wanted to make a lasting contribution on World Book Day to babies at St Michael’s by giving them their own personalised book. We hope they enjoy spotting their name on the cover, in the story, and in the illustrations!

Tom – Head of PR – In The Book

To celebrate World Book Day, generous supporters In The Book have added their own touch to our reading programme by donating a selection of personalised books for current parents to enjoy.

Our families have been blown away by In The Book’s kindness.

Becky – Developmental Care Lead Sister and NIDCAP Professional for NICU

This donation will make a huge difference to families who are still learning to cope with having a sick or premature baby.

Wallace & Gromit's Wrong Trousers Day is back on Friday 21 June.