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Family Accommodation – conditions of use

Guests are required to sign and return these conditions of use when applying for accommodation and pay a non-refundable deposit of £20 on admission. The deposit can be paid by cash or card.

· Once your child leaves the hospital you will be required to vacate the family accommodation.

· We are entitled at any time with notice to require guests to transfer to an alternative room within any of our three family accommodation houses as required.

· Bedding and towels will be provided. Guests are responsible for changing and washing their own bedding and keeping the room clean, tidy and free of clutter. For health & safety and maintenance purposes, your bathroom will be cleaned by Grand Appeal staff every two weeks. You will be notified in advance. Guests must permit Grand Appeal staff to enter rooms as required.

· To ensure safety procedures are adhered to, please ensure belongings are stored in the hanging space and shelving provided. Bags and larger items should be stored under the bed.

· Rooms left vacant for more than three consecutive days without the Family Accommodation Manager’s approval may be re-allocated. In these circumstances, you will be notified in advance of this action and permit Grand Appeal staff to enter the room for the purpose of removing any items/belongings and cleaning the room ready for the next guest’s arrival. Items removed will be securely stored at the family accommodation for a reasonable period (maximum of four weeks) for collection by you.

· All guests must submit a request to the Family Accommodation Manager if a new resident wishes to stay and complete an admission form prior to acceptance. Pets are not permitted.

· The communal areas of the family accommodation and external areas are monitored by CCTV camera surveillance for the purpose of crime protection and public safety.

· At the end of their stay guests are requested to remove all possessions from the room and return all keys.

· A strict no smoking/vaping, no illegal drugs and no alcohol policy for guests and visitors occupying our family accommodation is in operation.

· Guests must only use the rooms for accommodation.

· Guests must treat staff and other guests and their room with dignity and respect and must abide by the instructions of Grand Appeal staff. Aggressive, offensive, intimidating or inappropriate behaviour or language towards our staff or guests, such as indecency or sexual activity, horseplay or practical jokes, will not be tolerated.

· Guests must keep their room and communal areas clean and tidy at all times and guests must not cause any damage to their room or the family accommodation. Guests must report any damage to the Family Accommodation Manager immediately and are responsible for meeting the cost of any damage caused by them.

· Guests must not play any loud music or musical instruments during their stay.

· Guests must observe any other rules and regulations relating to the family accommodation made by our staff.

· If we discover that any of the information you have provided is inaccurate, misleading or untrue, then you will be required to vacate the family accommodation immediately on request.

· All guests acknowledge that they occupy their rooms as a licensee and that no relationship of landlord and tenant is created by these conditions of use. We retain control and possession of the family accommodation and the rooms and guests have no right to exclude our staff from their room. We are entitled to retain keys for the rooms and may exercise the right to use the keys to enter the rooms at any time. Guests acknowledge that we can require them to vacate the family accommodation immediately.


As all our guests are regularly visiting the hospital, we ask that you help us to continue to minimise the spread of Coronavirus by:

· Keeping your room ventilated

· Using the dishwasher

· Washing your hands/using hand sanitiser regularly on entry and exit and before eating

In addition, the following conditions of use apply:

· At this time, only our residents are permitted in our houses. No visitors, including the patient’s siblings, are allowed.

· If you have been told to self-isolate by the hospital, you will need to return home to self-isolate and follow hospital guidance.

· Please keep our Family Accommodation Manager informed if you go home to self-isolate and your intended return date.

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