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Patient Support and Wellbeing

Children experience lots of difficult feelings while they are in hospital, particularly during a long stay. We aim to help the brave young patients through the toughest of times by providing a variety of vital services.

Play Therapy

Up on the Children's Cancer Ward, our Oncology Play Assistants are busy helping courageous young cancer patients through imaginative and creative play sessions, giving them a chance to have fun and simply be a kid during the often long and difficult treatments they face.

Oncology Play Assistant with patient

Play Assistant Aimee and Gracie crack out the LEGO

Sensory Play

Working alongside them is our Sensory Play Practitioner, Marius, who helps children - like little Frayah – with their development by exploring an array of sights, sounds, and surfaces. Sensory play is an essential part of child development and is particularly effective as an essential outlet for children who are in pain, distressed or anxious about their stay in hospital. Marius, works with a range of children aged 0-17 years with special and additional needs across all hospital specialties.

Sensory play at Bristol Children's Hospital

If you're interested in finding out more about how we fund sensory play and would like to support this special service, check out our Play 4 All Business Challenge.

Music Therapy

Our Music Therapy service can be seen and heard in each ward at Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Claire and Karen, our two passionate therapists, have delivered over 1,000 music therapy sessions at patients’ bedsides at both Bristol Children’s Hospital and St Michael’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They are on hand to help patients with the complex emotions they experience throughout their stay and aid their recovery.

Music Therapy session

Karen with little Indigo enjoying the guitar

Whether they’re banging a drum, strumming the guitar or playing the flute, our fantastic music therapists bring smiles to over 30 children each week with their group and solo sessions across the wards.

Our specialist hospital staff form an important part of our commitment to creating a diverse specialist team that both supports and enriches the amazing team of health professionals at Bristol Children’s Hospital that cares for 100,000 brave patients each year.

Young Persons Involvement Worker

Whenever we begin a new project at the hospital, we ask the people who know it best: the patients.

The Youth Involvement Group, supported by the Young Persons Involvement Worker role that we part-fund, is made up of young patients who are passionate about the NHS.

Youth Involvement Worker

Our Young Persons Involvement Worker Sara with a patient

“The Youth Involvement Group is so important, not only in making a young person’s stay in hospital easier, but young people engaged with their health have better outcomes, so there are long-term positive implications, too!”

Sara Reynolds

Young Persons Involvement Worker

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