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Innovative Technology

We invest in pioneering equipment and innovation to help save the lives of sick children and babies at Bristol Children's Hospital, ensuring the hospital is at the forefront of paediatric care in the UK.

What kind of equipment have we funded?

Intra-operative MRI Scanner

The Grand Appeal has funded a ground-breaking Intra-operative 3T MRI Scanner ensuring that the Neurosurgery Department at Bristol Children’s Hospital is one of the best equipped in the UK. This advanced medical equipment allows surgeons to pinpoint the location of tumours and operate on the very deepest parts of the brain. Surgeons can also conduct scans during procedures, meanings children only have to undergo a single operation.

MRI Scanner

Cardiac Hybrid Theatre

In 2015, The Grand Appeal funded the Cardiac Hybrid Theatre at Bristol Children’s Hospital revolutionising treatment of children with complex heart conditions. Not only has it been used to treat over 1840 children that have undergone vital procedures but it was the first of its kind in the UK, within a dedicated children's hospital setting.

It provides a one-stop operating theatre, reducing the need for multiple operations. This theatre is transforming the lives of children, who have open heart surgery at as young as a few days old, and this ground-breaking theatre helps to provide patients with the best care possible.

Cardiac Hybrid Theatre

Neurosurgical Robot and Brain Lab

In 2015, we funded a pioneering advanced neurosurgery robot and Brain lab diagnostic suite, one of the first in the UK specifically for children. This highly specialised equipment allows surgeons to operate on patients with brain tumours and other complicated neurological conditions with incredible precision, and is already revolutionising epilepsy treatment. The Robotic Stereotactic EEG uses high-precision image guidance technology to allow surgeons to insert electrodes deep into the brain to record activity – including seizures. Doctors can then pinpoint exactly where in the brain patients’ seizures are starting from. This is truly life-changing, as many children whose epilepsy was previously thought inoperable may now be suitable for surgery.

Neuro and brain lab

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

The Grand Appeal funds a wide range of life-saving equipment in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Bristol Children’s Hospital. This includes ventilators, brain wave monitors, and bespoke equipment for the WATCh team's emergency transport.


The Limb Reconstruction Service

The Grand Appeal funded a ground-breaking limb reconstruction unit at Bristol Children’s Hospital which is one of the largest in Europe and pioneers treatments for children from across an extensive region with complex deformities or who have severe mobility issues.

Limb reconstruction service

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