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Engaging Arts Programmes

We work to make hospital happier and Bristol Children's Hospital the very best it can be. Through funding a whole host of innovative initiatives we ensure the hospital is a vibrant and child-friendly place, that supports patients in their time of need.

'Arts Unleashed'

From immersive theatre sessions and painting workshops to interactive, imaginative storytelling, our extensive Arts Programme, 'Arts Unleashed' extends across Bristol Children's Hospital, aiming to ease the stresses and fears that come with hospital life for brave patients and their brothers and sisters. At the helm is our Arts Coordinator, Lynne, who took up the role after 17 years as Play Centre Manager at the children’s hospital!


Lynne is our dedicated Arts Coordinator!

Working with Bristol's wealth of creative talent, Lynne invites a range of artists behind the doors of Bristol Children's Hospital to offer its patients a range of exciting workshops. Meanwhile, the Activities Centre at the Hospital is home to a whole host of arts activities with musicians and artists all year round.

A closer look at our Arts Programme

Vibrant Artwork

Step into Bristol Children's Hospital and you instantly know it was designed with children in mind: fun, colourful artwork adorns the walls, nurses’ stations look like trains and boats, and outside, the iconic ‘Lollipop’ sculpture we funded in 2001, is a landmark icon for the hospital.


'Lollypop-Be-bop' was specifically created by artist Andrew Smith for Bristol Children's Hospital

Hospital can so often be scary and stressful for children. We work to make sure Bristol Children's Hospital provides a fun, stimulating and comforting space for the 100,000 brave children it cares for every single year. Not only is it important to patients’ wellbeing, but distracts them from treatment. That's why you'll see the walls of Bristol Children's Hospital awash with colourful characters, engaging artwork and eye-catching patterns.

Theatre Artwork

Transporting patients into another dimension, our space-themed artwork adorns the walls of Bristol Children's Hospital

A Child-Friendly Website

Imagine visiting hospital for the very first time. This experience can be both frightening and confusing for children. To help patients understand their future treatment at Bristol Children's Hospital, we have funded a child-friendly website, making it easy for them to find the information they need to know before their stay.

Child Friendly Website homepage

You'll find lots of information about what happens at Bristol Children's Hospital, and some fun activities too

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