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Life-saving brain surgery at Bristol Children’s Hospital

The neurosurgery service at Bristol Children’s Hospital is internationally renowned as one of the foremost pioneering centres for brain surgery in the UK.

One of only nine children’s hospitals around the UK performing very complex operations on babies from as young as five weeks through to teenagers, the highly specialist neurosurgeons treat patients with epilepsy, brain tumours, brain injuries, cerebral palsy and movement disorders.

The team treat children like Ozzy, who is just one of the thousands of patients to have so far benefited from the cutting-edge medical equipment funded by The Grand Appeal.

Neuro patient

Nurse Vicki with patient Ozzie

Rocket Man Wallace

Our Gromit Unleashed sculpture, Rocket Man, located outside Bristol Children's Hospital on Upper Maudlin Street, is raising money to support the critical work of the neurosurgical team. Located next to the sculpture is a contactless donation point, provided by Trailblazer NMI. All donations made here will help the Neurosurgery team to continue their life saving work to patients across the South West and beyond.

“The Grand Appeal has been instrumental in the development of the entire department of paediatric neurosurgery at Bristol Children's Hospital. They constantly work away providing all kinds of equipment and infrastructure that we really need.”

Dr Mike Carter

Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon and Director of the South West's Children's Epilepsy Surgery Service