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Together, we can build great things

Breathe life into your LEGO bin and get the kids (big and small) to use their plastic bricks in new and exciting ways. It's time to rip up those instruction books and break the rules with our fun set of challenges.

LEGO Castle

An Englishman's Home is his Castle

Could you recreate your home out of plastic bricks or even build the house of your dreams? Why challenge your community to see who can create the most impressive build. Recruit a judging panel and collect entry fees along the way.

lego walk

Brick Road Challenge

With 200,000 sensory receptors in an adult’s foot, it’s no wonder contact with a plastic brick causes mums and dads to howl in surprise!

But there's good news for parents. We're now offering you the chance to hold your very own alternative 'fire walk' and instruct the kids to take on this child-friendly extreme contest.

So tip out your plastic bricks, challenge your friends and family, and discover who has the most fearless feet.

lego walk lego walk

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