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Patient Family


28 Jun 2018, 5:54 p.m.

Zach was rushed to Bristol Children's Hospital after an accident on a family holiday.

Patient Family

"It's a miracle Zach is still with us" said mum Nicki

Zach's Story

I never could have imagined when I woke up on a sunny morning in June that just a few hours later, my three year old son Zach would be fighting for his life after falling into a lake on a family holiday. Zach had lost all signs of life, and his dad and uncle performed emergency CPR. After the longest 20 minutes, Zach started breathing and had a faint pulse.

Minutes later, the air ambulance arrived, and the doctors immediately placed Zach on a ventilator. He was rushed to Bristol Children's Hospital where he was stabilised in the Emergency Department and taken to the Intensive Care Unit. It took four days for Zach to wake up, but the team on the unit supported us throughout the uncertain time. When it became clear he was going to be ok, it was incredibly emotional for us all.

After that, we spent every minute we could with our little boy. We couldn't stay with him at night but we were so comforted to know Zach had his own nurse watching over him constantly, and a bedside phone for us to speak to his nurse directly.

After two weeks we finally headed home to Dorset. It was emotional, but counselling support from the hospital meant we were prepared for this following such a traumatic time. We were just overjoyed seeing Zach and his older brother Toby back together again, and we are so grateful to everyone who made that happen.

Nicki, Zach's mum

“We are thankful every day for the dedication and kindness of every single individual that cared for Zach at Bristol Children’s Hospital. You never know when you will need the hospital’s services. We did, and they saved our son’s life.”

Mum Nicki