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Epilepsy Nurses and patient


7 Feb 2019, 6:06 p.m.
Patient Stories

In January, young Olly underwent major neurosurgery at Bristol Children’s Hospital.

This was a serious procedure called a hemispherectomy which involved permanently disconnecting the hemisphere or side of the brain that is least used and the source of Olly’s seizures.

At just 16 months Olly suffered his first seizure. An MRI scan revealed he had suffered a stroke either at the end of pregnancy or very early after childbirth. This signalled the start of years of uncertainty for Olly and his family; not only did Olly’s seizures continue but he, his mum Danielle and dad David were continually given the hope of a seizure-free life only for them to return again.

Neurosurgery Patient

A very brave Olly after his surgery

Olly is now 6. This brave boy has spent most of his young life medicated which has affected his day to day life, making Olly extremely tired and making it increasingly hard to regulate his emotions and behaviour. This past year has seen Olly and his family make the 150 mile trip to Bristol Children’s Hospital numerous times to undergo tests. Traveling from Northamptonshire has proved hard for all the family including little Isla, Olly’s sister, who never looks forward to having to say goodbye to her brother.

“This surgery was huge, and I always imagined I’d be in fear of Olly waking up and seeing what every day brings but honestly I have felt so excited for Olly’s new journey.”



Olly, however, is in the best possible hands when it comes to the Neurosurgery Team at Bristol Children’s Hospital. This team of highly specialist neurosurgeons is not only internationally renowned but treats a range of brain disorders. After his crucial surgery, Olly has come back fighting, gaining more strength each and every day.

Patient after surgery

Throughout this hard time the fantastic Neurosurgery Team has proved invaluable; not only performing life-changing surgery but acting as a hugely important support system for both Olly and his family.

“We’re so thankful to each person who has been a part of this; making one of the scariest times of our lives a real turning point.”



Hemispherectomy can cause a loss of movement or sensation on the side of the body opposite the hemisphere that was removed. Olly is still recovering and will spend a number of weeks trying to regain strength in his left side through rehabilitation on Sunflower Ward, the neurorehabilitation ward. This resilient little lad and his family are now hoping for a seizure-free future.

Neuro Patient

Olly is now on the road to recovery