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Evie and Hannah - hydrotherapy 2


11 Aug 2019, 9:04 a.m.
Patient Stories

Evie loves to try out new skills but even everyday activities can cause harm to this brave two-year-old.

She has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, commonly known as Brittle Bone Disease and because of its severity, her bones fracture very easily.

She was just two weeks old when her parents Sarah and Matt realised something was wrong; Evie’s thighbone had broken after a routine hip check. Sarah and Matt longed to give their baby girl a hug to let her know everything was going to be ok but after realising how fragile she was they feared even holding her.

As an incurable condition, Evie faces life-long treatment. At five weeks old she met the team who will help her throughout her childhood for the very first time.

Now two-years-old, every week Evie finds herself on Level 7 at the Bristol Children’s Hospital pool, immersed in water alongside her physiotherapist Hannah. Hydrotherapy sessions might look like playtime as Evie kicks and splashes about with a huge smile on her face but in fact, they are hugely important to Evie’s recovery after a fracture. Once Evie’s cast is removed she is soon back in the pool as part of an intense hydrotherapy programme which helps to build her strength up. These carefully planned sessions have also given Evie the confidence to learn and practise new skills such as standing, walking, reaching and kneeling.

Evie and Hannah - hydrotherapy

Evie and Hannah get to work in the hydrotherapy pool

“Evie has built an absolute love of being in the water! It has both encouraged her to move around and helped her hit those important milestones.”


Evie's mum

Hydrotherapy has helped Evie’s parents too; from teaching Sarah and Matt how to hold Evie as a baby to giving them the skills for everyday situations. Looking to the future, Evie, Sarah and Matt know Hannah and her team will continue to be there for them throughout the highs and lows of Evie’s condition.

“She absolutely loves being in the water with Hannah. In fact, when we were on holiday she wanted Hannah to come to the swimming pool with her!”


Evie's mum

Evie’s case is a prime example of the broad range of patients the Children’s Hospital cares for; from life-saving emergency care to prolonged treatment throughout a child’s lifetime, Bristol Children’s Hospital does its very best to be there for each and every patient.

Evie and Hannah - hydrotherapy 3

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