Thankful parents donate child-friendly Outpatients seating

In 2014, Ella was diagnosed with Subaortic Stenosis, requiring open heart surgery. Ella’s mum Chantelle and dad Ryan, tell us about their experience of Ella’s care at Bristol Children’s Hospital and how they decided they wanted to give back.

“As you can imagine, our lives were completely thrown in the air and it was such a challenging time, but thanks to the Bristol Children's Hospital and its incredible staff, the experience was made so much more bearable. They were always willing to listen, and give a hug if needed. The care that Ella and us as a family received was second to none - nothing was too much. “

“When Ella returned to the hospital the following year for further vital surgery, we were yet again in complete awe of the expert care and kindness we received and together with the help of the dedicated staff, we managed to pull through it.”

“We knew we wanted to give back to the hospital, but we weren’t sure how. Both our sisters have skydived for The Grand Appeal in Ella's name so that was out of the question but when we put our heads together we realised that we could give back in such a simple, yet much needed way. Through our family-run upholstery business we created some brand new child friendly seating in the very busy Outpatients Ward.”

“Ella is now doing really well and we have every faith that when the time comes again, she will be just as fortunate to have Bristol Children's Hospital at her side. We are so grateful to the staff who dedicate their days and lives to helping children get better.”

Outpatients Sister Pippa said: ‘‘It’s so refreshing to see shiny new seating in the waiting area.  For families, their children and the staff it really makes a positive difference to the feel of the department; it’s a bright and cheery welcome as soon as you walk in.’’

Chantelle and Ryan’s kindly donated upholstery is now fully installed in the outpatient’s area. It has already made a fantastic difference to the department, contributing to the bright and welcoming aesthetic for young patients and their families.