Hospital Theatres Transformed

Theatres at Bristol Children’s Hospital get an out-of-this-world makeover

The theatres at Bristol Children's Hospital have been transformed thanks to The Grand Appeal, providing a soothing and distracting environment for children before and after surgery. As well as providing arts, music and play programmes for children at the hospital, The Grand Appeal funds artwork throughout the wards and corridrors of Bristol Children’s Hospital, transforming clinical environments into open, friendly and distracting spaces for the 100,000 patients treated at the hospital each year. 

Level 4 Theatres is now colourfully seaside-themed, and Level 5 Theatres has had a space-themed makeover to take pre- and post-operative patients into another dimension, with artworks designed by Gromit Unleashed artist Emily Golden throughout the department.

The transformation has proved hugely popular with patients and staff; “Before the artworks, the anaesthetic rooms were clinical environments devoid of distractions. Now our young patients enter anaesthetic rooms that offer a pleasing distraction and a helpful talking point to ease them into the anaesthetic, which is so important when they are at their most vulnerable.”