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Welcome to the world of collaborative painting!

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Our artist in residence, Luke makes painting a family affair when it comes to his inventive workshops in which each family member works together to create a personal artwork.

Collaborative Painting Session

But these sessions are more than simply putting brush to canvas. Hospital can be a stressful place for any child but also represents a loss of freedom that can be hard to deal with, particularly for teenagers. Collaborative painting provides the patients of the Adolescent (Apollo) Ward at Bristol Children’s Hospital with an opportunity to express themselves whilst giving them a special chance to bond with their family and escape daily hospital life. Families can explore their creativity and celebrate being together.

Collaborative Painting Session

Organised by our dedicated Arts Co-ordinator Lynne, collaborative painting is a unique example of our rich and diverse arts programme, which invites a range of artists to work with the brave young patients of Bristol Children’s Hospital. In fact, Luke is the only collaborative painting artist in the country and it’s thanks to the help of our fundraising family that we can work with him to promote positive relationships between patients and their parents.

Collaborative Painting Session 3

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