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The Terrific Transplant Games

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At the beginning of August sunny Birmingham played host to the British Transplant Games and two tremendous members of #TeamGrandAppeal attended as a part of Bristol Children’s Hospital’s Renal Transplant Team!

The games are held annually and celebrate those who have received a transplant or who have donated their organs to help save a life. They’re also an amazing way for people to meet others with shared experiences and demonstrate the possibilities of an active life after a transplant.

This year the Birmingham Transplant Games even broke the Guinness World Record for the number of people with transplants in one room with a grand total of 723 people attending. We were extremely proud to sponsor the entire Bristol team this year! We purchased tickets for this brilliant bunch, enabling them all to attend as well as organising transport to the games and providing accommodation. We also kitted them out with some super snazzy Grand Appeal tops to wear for the occasion!

Transplant Games

Having both received kidney transplants, it was Edie and Jaimee’s experiences of being a renal patient at Bristol Children’s Hospital that inspired them to compete in this year’s event whilst fundraising for The Grand Appeal.

Transplant Games

Jaimee and her medal

Back in 2011 Jaimee’s kidneys failed unexpectedly and after two difficult years enduring dialysis, Jaimee received a kidney transplant and ever since has gone from strength to strength. So much so, that this is now Jaimee’s fourth year of attending the British Transplant Games where she won a number of medals!

Transplant Games 2

Edie and her medal

Edie is also a superstar medallist after winning a bronze in the 50m sprint! She was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure in 2014 and similarly to Jaimee underwent several years of dialysis before receiving her transplant.

Transplant Games 3

Superstars Edie and Jaimee together at the games

We’re delighted to hear about Jaimee and Edie’s smashing sporting achievements and think this whole team of amazing athletes have earned not only a huge congratulations but a well-deserved rest after their jam packed weekend. It’s testament to the level of care Jaimee and Edie received from the team at Bristol Children’s Hospital that both are happy, active girls and we are so grateful for their support.

If you want to learn more about Jaimee’s story visit here and visit here for Edie’s story.

Transplant Games