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Sensory Play Areas Transformed

Grand Appeal

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Thanks to £20,000 funding from The Grand Appeal, and a kind fundraising donation of £8,000 from Kingston Barnes, we are proud to reveal the newly transformed sensory play area at Bristol Children's Hospital.

Sensory play

Seb enjoying the new outdoor sensory swing

The sensory play room has undergone a complete transformation as a part of The Grand Appeal’s 20 year-long support of arts, music and play therapies at the hospital. This work was vital to meet the growing demand for the specialist sensory facilities within a hospital that serves the largest geographical area in the country. With its makeover complete the room now includes a variety of equipment such as colour washing light projections and a new control panel which will enable the Grand Appeal Sensory Play Practitioner to tailor sessions to a child’s individual needs. The previously unused outdoor space also has a fresh new look! A range of sensory activities including a full body support swing, a water feature and interactive light and sound panels now fills the space.

The sensory play room is extremely important to many of the critically ill children that are cared for at the hospital. Not only is play crucial in a child’s development but can help in their recovery by providing a range of stimuli to engage, distract and rehabilitate. One such child is young Seb who after acquiring Posterior Fossa Syndrome, a group of neurological symptoms after having brain tumour surgery, has been visiting the play room and our Grand Appeal Sensory Play Practitioner Marius. Seb loves the new outdoor swing and mum Abby said: ‘thanks to the incredible teams at Bristol children’s hospital, he has made massive progress and the sensory play room and outdoor space has played a huge role in that.’

We hope many more children enjoy the new sensory room facilities just as much as Seb has!