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Natalia Completes Third Walk of Love

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Natalia 2

The phenomenal Natalia Spencer completed her ‘Walk of Love’ across the South West on the 29th May, in memory of her little girl, Elizabeth. Not only has Natalia’s incredible fundraising efforts surpassed an astounding £250,000 but in the process, she has emulated the journey her daughter took before tragically passing away in December 2015.

Beginning on Mother’s Day at her local hospital in Cheltenham, where Elizabeth was first admitted, Natalia has walked a total of 1070 miles in 70 days. Heading west from Cheltenham to Gloucester Royal Hospital and having walked to as far as Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro and the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, Natalia has visited as many as 23 hospitals, before ending her extraordinary walk on the 29th May at Bristol Children’s Hospital, on what would have been Elizabeth’s 8th birthday.

During her epic journey across the South West, Natalia has highlighted the vast geographical area Bristol Children’s Hospital serves as a specialist regional centre of paediatric care. The amazing amount of money Natalia and her supporters have raised for The Grand Appeal will go on to fund life-saving equipment for the hospital’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, where Elizabeth was cared for.

This walk is the third in a series of ‘Walks of Love’ Natalia has completed to raise money for other critically ill children. On February 7th 2017 she finished a 6,000-mile walk around the UK’s coastline. With support and donations from across the country, Natalia raised an unbelievable £200,000 for her cause, The Grand Appeal. The 18th December saw Natalia don her walking boots once more, where she took on an 80-mile walk, in just 24 hours, across the Isles of Lewis and Harris to the mark the second anniversary of her daughter’s passing.

Natalia 2

To mark the occasion of Natalia finishing her third walk, she was met by her supporters and members of The Grand Appeal outside Bristol Children’s Hospital where we were able to warmly welcome her to Bristol at the final stop of her walk. Natalia’s exceptional accomplishments make her a truly inspiring woman and we cannot put into words how proud we are of her and her achievements!

If you would like to donate to Elizabeth’s Footprint you can do so by visiting Elizabeth's Footprint or you can text ELIF55 and your donation amount to 70070.