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Fundraising superstar Edie wins a Diana Award!

Edie should be no stranger to you.

This nine-year-old girl has wowed us with her commitment, compassion and bravery, making it her mission to help others around her since the age of five. Her incredible achievements have now earned her a prestigious Diana Award.

It all began when Edie was diagnosed with kidney failure. After a series of tests, mum and dad were devastated to learn little Edie was in end-stage renal failure. They spent a dreadful night by her side as doctors and nurses attempted to keep her stable. Edie was seriously ill.

For the next two years, Edie underwent multiple tests, scans, operations and endured repeated appointments for life-saving dialysis treatment. Edie's illness put the brakes on her life. Everything stopped: school stopped; mum and dad’s work stopped; time with friends stopped. Everyone’s focus was to simply get through each day. But Edie found comfort in art. During her time at Bristol Children’s Hospital, she spent her time drawing.

Edie and her artwork

Edie and her creative creations

Wanting to give something back the Renal Ward at Bristol Children’s Hospital, a place that had truly became a home-away-from-home, Edie set about making a difference through the sales of her artwork and a whole host of fundraising activities.

“I try to help people not to feel as bad as I did when I was ill.”


In 2018, after a successful kidney transplant, Edie began training and fundraising for the Transplant Games. Her hard work paid off as she raised £1,615 to support the Bristol Children’s Renal Team at the Transplant Games in Birmingham.

Transplant Games 2

Edie and her medal at the Transplant Games

The team went on to win a number of medals, including Edie, who brought back the bronze for 100 metres sprint. In the very same year, she was even awarded the ‘Child of the Year’ award from Cotswold Life, recognising her fundraising work over the years.

Edie and her family

Edie with her wonderful family

Edie hasn’t stopped there either. Her efforts have extended beyond Bristol. From supporting a children’s village in Tanzania to helping rebuild a beloved local play area, Edie’s generosity and passion for helping know no bounds and we are delighted for her to have been recognised as part of the Diana Awards.

“I feel really lucky to have been chosen for this award alongside other young people who have done so much. I hope I can use this to show the world what a person who has had a transplant can achieve.”


The awards were set up in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales and promote her belief that young people have the power to change the world and we’re certain Edie is living proof of this. Not only does she raise money but raises awareness of the challenges families face when their child is affected so significantly by illness. We’re immensely proud to have her as part of our fundraising family.