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Alfayed Charitable Foundation and our Cots for Tots suite

Our £1 million appeal to fund four extra cots at St Michael’s Hospital was made possible thanks to a generous £50,000 donation from the AlFayed Charitable Foundation.

AlFayed Charitable Foundation

Set up by Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed and led by his daughter Camilla to support sick and impoverished children, the donation helped us reach our target in a matter of months and fund the four cots, as well as beging work on family accommodation for families of babies being cared for on the unit.

The extra cots allow more very sick babies to be treated at the hospital rather than being sent for care farther away; the family accommodation means that parents can stay close to their babies throughout their treatment. One of the cot bays is named after Camilla Al Fayed, in recognition of the foundation's support. ‘Camilla Bay’ is used by special care (NICU) babies from all over the South West.

Susie Mathis, charity manager for the AlFayed Foundation, said: "My heart was touched and moved by this particular plight for the hospital. My report then went back to the trustees to acknowledge or not. The foundation is very much a family foundation and we do not receive donations from anywhere at all. Most of the places we are involved with do become very much a part of the family and we care very much about the projects we get involved in."